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    Angry Help please read 2009 fxsho dead battery issues

    Hey everyone,i know this is a novel but im looking for some major help here. Let me start off by saying im on my 3rd season with this ski about 20hrs per year and im on my 3rd battery. Every winter when winterizing my ski i take the battery out and keep it inside my house out of the cold on a battery tender. In the spring the battery is fine and I get a few weeks into the new season until i go to start it and the battery is completely stone cold dead. Well 2 weeks ago i came out on my floating dock and it was completely dead. After throwing it on the charger for about an hour it started and ran kinda rough but i idled it to the ramp so i was able to get it out of the water. After replacing the battery everything was perfect, back to normal as i thought.

    This weekend i came down, and went out for about 5 hrs out on the water only taking like 2 breaks and everything ran fine, no issues at all, the next day went out about 10 miles away from home everything was going great, stopped at the sand bar to swim a little but and when going to leave the ski was stone cold dead. Enough to light the green light on the dash but not the traditional beep it gives. now unsure what to do, i didnt want to tow it and have the water backfill into the engine like ive heard on here without installing that shut off. With no other option i had someone tow me at 5mph about 200 yards to the nearest beach where i later had someone pick me up with my Jeep/Trailer.

    After coming home i was so pissed that i left everything as is and went inside, after calming down a little i came back out to hose it down knowing that i could not flush it due to not being able to start. The next day i came out with high hopes and dreams and tride again, i watched the green light light up and watched the needle on the dash bounce a few times and then dead. Tried again and the dash blinked a few times and then the bildge kicked on and stated pumping out gallons of water non stop. By the time i got to the seat and opened it up i was everything was wet inside. Aparently when i came home pissed off the day prior i didnt look inside to see it was filled with water. It looks like the water came just above the battery. When looking i saw the back left drain plug screwed in cock eyed/off thread and not in completely. Im not sure if this is what caused it to take on water or was it from being towd at 5mph for about 200 yards. If it died on its own at the sandbar and i towed it, the bildge could not kick on due to my power failure. After it pumped all the water out it ran fine and i even took it for a 30 min spin with no problems.

    Has anyone had any problem like this or any power failure? I checked my battery last week prior to all this and there is no drain on the battery when the ski is off. I feel like the ski is not charging itself as it goes and its relying on the battery for all its power. How often do all of you go through batteries?

    please give me any feedback


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    Get the ski started and check the voltage at the battery terminals. If its charging, the voltage should be higher than 13 volts. Otherwise, you might have an intermittant draw. Possibly your electric bilge is turning off and on and killing the battery

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