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    Repair for Broken Jet Pump Bolts in Housing

    I have a 1999 SLH 700 that came from Florida, so it's a safe bet that it was in salt water. When I bought it the bearings in the jet drive were locked up so I had to remove the pump assembly to replace the bearings. The first bolt came out easily, but the other three wouldn’t come out no matter how much PB blaster or heat I used. Finally I broke them off. They broke off about ½” from the housing. The first step was to drill into the bolts, to center the bit I used a threaded rod coupler and a drill bit that fit exactly into the coupler. To drill into stainless I used turpentine, an old machinist told me about this trick and it works great. After I used the larger bit to make a centered starter hole I switched to a 1/8” drill bit all the way through the bolt (it threads into the housing about an inch and a half). Then I drilled through each bolt with a 3/16” drill bit, then a ¼” and finally with a 5/16” drill bit. While the housing was still jigged up in the drill press I used it to start the 3/8”-16 tap then finished it by hand once it was started and I was sure it was straight. Instead of using a heli-coil to repair the threads I choose to replace the 5/16” x 10.5” bolts with stainless threaded rod. I choose to use 3/8”-16 threaded rod and used blue loc-tite where they thread into the pump housing.

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    Nice!! I am sure this will find a home in a tech info sticky somewhere!!!

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    I know the picture sucks, but you can see what I mean by using a threaded rod coupler threaded onto the broken bolt to center the drill bit.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    How much Turpentine do you use when drilling SS? I've never heard of this trick before, and I drill SS alot. So this might be useful to me. Thanks

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    +1 Do you just dribble it on like cutting oil?

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    I put it in an oil can with a pump and I just squirt a little on the drill bit/stainless part being drilled. I don't drown it, but I keep it wet. It works really good. I noticed that even with the turpentine on it the bit will squeal a little bit then drill like it's going through mild steel. Once the pilot hole is drilled it doesn't squeal at all. When I'm drilling stainless steel I keep the drill press running at it's lowest speed, and I keep the drill bit as short as possible by keeping as much as possible in the chuck to keep it from walking around since it's a hard metal.

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