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    Polaris Genesis running very rough

    I have a 2001 Polaris Genesis that was sent to the shop last fall because i was getting no spark. The EMM was sent to DFI and rebuilt. I got it back and it ran fine for about a half a day and now it runs very rough. It sputters and spits like it is backfiring and wont go over 3500 rpm in the water. The dealer i took it to (Island Jetski in VA Beach) is out of business (any info about them would be helpful). I have plenty of compression (115psi each) and plenty of fuel pressure (20psi). I took out the plugs and they look fine. Any thoughts?

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    Backfiring out the exhaust is often an indication of an EMM problem.

    It is possible the repaired EMM has failed again. You might try calling DFI directly and explain that your dealer is no more. They may be able to confirm warranty coverage for the previous repair and go from there. Have the EMM serial number and prior dealer name, phone number and address, etc on hand when you call.

    Let us know what happens.

    If the EMM is not the problem cause, then you can check things like the CPS sensor, stator, etc.

    Btw, make VERY sure there is actual water flow through your EMM. A clogged or kinked water hose can cook an EMM without any warning lights.

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    thanks i will try that, i check the EMM hose and it is fine

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    ok, stupid question, what is the CPS sensor?

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    CPS = Crank Position Sensor
    Located in the top of the flywheel housing

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    find another Polaris dealer who has the Digital Wrench software to test it. could be something not related to emm

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