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    I replaced my TPS on my 2003 MSX140 and I was just wondering what the chances were that the one I bought from parts pit stop was bad also? When I smash the throttle my ski seems like its on a rev limiter, it looses power untill I let off the gas. But if I ease into it nice and smoothly, it runs ok. When it acts up if I keep it floored the check engine light comes on and says its overheating. But the light goes off after a few seconds if I let off the gas. Put a new TPS on it and it still does it. Water screen and intake are both clear, new gas, synthetic oil, new NGK plugs, only 26hrs on the ski. I dont know what to check next

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    Overheat is overheat. Start hunting until you find out what is causing the Hot warning. Start with the thermostat housing.

    Also check every way hose for kinks or collapsed sections. Confirm that the small cooling hose to the EMM is actually flowing water through the EMM.

    Also remove and clean the exhaust pipe water injection screen and orifice.

    When engine is running in the water you should be able to put your hand on any part of the engine without burning your skin.

    You can strap the hull to your trailer and run it at the launch ramp in the water. That way you can have the seat off and inspect while standing beside it.

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