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    loud howl from under seat no power

    i have a 2008 rxt and started it up today and have a loud howl comming from motor and no power ,possible supecharger ?,took of intake hose and i cannot spin blades on supercharger i thought when they where shot u can spin blades freely ,mybe iam wrong and it still needs rebuilding ,i guess its comming out and sending it to the guy on this site if its shot it is more sucked out than my 2007 gti that is non supercharged

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    the sc may be locked up

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    Sounds like you blew off an inlet hose...

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    Would that cause the howling

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    Never saw any hoses off

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbprov View Post
    Would that cause the howling
    the howling is a bearing going in the charger

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    just pulled it out of water and found a hose is off ,will let u know

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    put hose back on it has power now ,howl is still there ,is there another bearing anywhere that you guys think could make the winny howl noise ,supercharger has 140 hrs on it ,it is time any way

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    rebuilt at 100hrs im hoping??

    Pump bearing could be going as well.

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    im not very well informed on PWC's but could it be a vacuum leak? would explain loss of boost pressure and the howling. Happens on my boosted 240 every time i pop a vacuum line.

    totally just noticed u found the hose

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