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    F12-x turbo problem when going past 42mph

    my honda f12-x turbo just started what it seems like to be spinning out on me when i get going about 42 my rpms will shoot up but the ski will not go any faster???? any suggestions??

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    i just ran it again it seems to be bogging the impeller is spinning but im not going anyfaster when i pull down the throttle more

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    See if there is something stuck inside your pump/impeller....

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    here is a list of the things I have had in my impellor over the last four years:

    Coke Bottle Cap (kept it, on my window sill at home)

    Tiny twig (had to pull the pump apart for this one)

    Kelp and seaweed (gunning it in reverse cleared this one)

    small piece of rope (from a crab pot???)

    each acted differently, but all created some sort of cavitation!

    Get out the flashlight and the long vice grips

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