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    95 700 extremely high idle when choke fullly open

    So a little background... Just bought this ski and rebuilt the carbs because the guy left gas in it all winter. Long story short is that now it starts np but When I try to open the choke all the way with the garden hose it will revv up very high. Now I have not put it in the water yet because wasn't sure if I trusted it yet. Could it be something wrong with the rebuild or a adjustment I can make. It also sounds like it almost has a random knock, weird but don't no what it could be. Keep in mind this is my first ski so start from the beginning. Thanks, Jason

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    There should be an idle speed adjustment screw that holds the throttle open. unscrew it a bit. Make the final adjustment with the ski in the water

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    Ok I'll give it a try on land and see if it makes any difference and fine tube it in water. Do you no which screw it is by chance or where I can get a manual for it?

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    If the idle screw adjustment doesnt fix the issue. I would preform a leak down test, sounds like it could be a lean run away.

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