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    yamaha wave venture 1100 triple

    I have a yamaha 1997 wave venture 1100 triple. Last weekend I noticed it didnt seem to have any pep. It starts right up,runs smooth and sounds the same but I dont get any increase in speed after about 3/4 throttle. It used to do 55+ now only 33. I change plugs and fuel filter and checked compression and all are around 120 psi. I checed spark on all 3 and thats fine. I even checed speed agaised my other boat( same 1100) to be sure it wasnt the speedo and I couldnt even catch up. any thoughts? Mike

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    check to make sure the carbs are opening all the way to WOT and that the choke isn't stuck partially closed. If that stuff is ok, then maybe your external fuel pump is going bad and can't keep up with the WOT fuel demands.

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    Run it long enough to warm it up, then pull the seat and feel around each cylinder. If one is substantially cooler, you most likely have a clogged up carb and they would need to be rebuilt or have the internal carb filter filter cleaned. This is if you indeed do have a good spark all the time to that cyl. Do not delay if the carb needs rebuilt, although the engine runs "ok" but for top speed, you can lean that cyl out and damage it.

    The reason it idles and runs ok at lower speeds is the clogged filter allows just enough gas thru to run, but not enough fuel for under full load.

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