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    Rookie '93 750 SX throttle/engine issues..

    Hey guys, I just got into PWC and after a couple awesome weeks on the water, I am having issues with my ski. Here's a brief history of my stock 1993 Kawasaki 750SX.

    The engine looks mint, but the previous owner sprayed the entire engine and engine bay down with WD40 all the time. I am not sure if this is a normal practice or not. There is also a fair bit of spilled 2stroke oil in the engine bay. I doubt it makes a difference but might be worth mentioning. My impeller has a fair bit of rock damage and it is missing a rib off the intake grate. Other than that, it is in great shape and always ran awesome. Great compression as of a month ago. 165 on both cylinders. Plugs were replaced 4 rides ago.

    2 days ago my friend took my ski out and after 15 minutes of learning to ride it, when he came back in I noticed he had left the cap off the oil tank and it had been rattling around in the engine bay. It still had about a quarter tank of oil and didn't appear to have any water in it at all. I topped up the tank and rode it hard for another hour. Today I filled the tank up with a 2stroke oil designed for water cooled engines and 91 octane gas.

    Today when we launched my ski, it fired up great but when I took off, it sounded like a rock was going through the impeller. Horrible sound. I killed it, and looked all through the grate, impeller, nozzle but there was nothing to be found. Now when I fire it up, it sounds *slightly* (might just be in my head) off and it won't rev up. I maybe get 65% throttle/speed. If I go 100% throttle it revs to maybe 50%.

    I did a compression test and both cylinders are at 166-168.

    I am grateful for any help as I am new to 2stroke engines. Could it be from the missing oil cap? Can a bad impeller make the engine not rev? Anything I can do to test anything?


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    I might have posted this in the wrong section.. Should it have gone in tech? Sorry.. I'm not thinking straight after having a bad run on the lake.

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    impeller might be rubbing against wear ring in pump. the one pic looks suspect. pull pump and make sure it spins nice and easy.

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    I will when I get home. That could cause an engines RPM to drop on full throttle?

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