Hi guys,

As title says it...i'm seraching for few good used parts presently:

WTB-Stock intercooler block off and XS intercooler
WTB-Riva Racing best all around intake grate for std 215 RXP hull (non X hull)
WTB-good wheel+spacer conbination for the X stock SC'er....already have many housings laying here, so just the wheel+spacer for about 13ish pound of boost, this would make me happy...!

I have a good condition used R&D grate here on hand installed with the R&D girdle kit and would like to try the Riva Racing instead of the R & D to see the difference between them, i'm also considering the 'saw project' to cut the R & D outter/side exterior wings and leave only the internal center wing, all in all to make the grate faster, but i'm not sure how much chop stability i would loose doing such....? Any help...idea's....feedback about doing this...?

Ok, so if you got some of these parts to sell and are willing to deal the shipping out with a guy from Quebec, Canada drop me a PM and we'll set things up together.

Thanks in advance guys...keep on rollin'...!