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    Looking to buy 1998 GTX rfi

    I currently own a 1995 seadoo XP that has been super reliable for me and a lot of fun. Now I want to get a bigger ski that the wife and I can use comfortably. I've heard some horror stories about the GTX line so I was wondering whats your guys take on them ? Are they lemons ? Should I stay away ? I have found a 1998 GTX rfi for $1800 and its in really good shape but just want a little more insight before I pull the trigger. Also the ski has been in storage for 2 years is there anything I should look for now that it has been sitting ? Thanks guys !

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    Sure like to know those horror stories lol.. 787 rfi engines are quite reliable when propper tune and maintenance is made. They have two separate modules, one that controls timming and key function among other things and other dedicated to the fuel injection system (bosh one) Very electrical sensitive (voltage regulator is the most common part to replace) On this models premix is not an option since the injectors are nor made to support the oil passing throug them. So depending on the hours it will be proper to check the oil pump. They are very fuel economic when working well. Being fuel injected the rfi comes equiped with a on board diagnostic system wich goes by hand to the mpem programmer or buds, candoo .Meaning that in case of a fuel or electronic problem it puts you in the obligation to take it to someone that has those kind of tools
    On the possitive side that hull (very same to the 951 one ) manage swell on the water .you will notice the difference betwen the xp. As for power and upgrades (if you are in to that ) not many options available.

    Carbed GTX can be fun and reliable as any other DOO.. just take your time and look around the forum. Lots of info.


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