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    2003 GTX sc HELP

    Well I have an 03 GTX sc. Motor ate thrust bearings after impeller shaft came loose...

    I have been upgrading things and this is where i am at. Please let me know what else i should do or not do.
    I really dont want to blow this up.


    1: 2004? 215 long block-----does this have forged pistons.
    2: New X charger
    3: 4" kanaflex
    4: Bosch 42# inj.
    5: External Intercooler (3" in and outs) Water flows to it first than to Exhaust mani. 1/8" purge hole top corner routed to above waterline
    6: Aeromotive Rising rate FPR and tank adapter
    7: Elec. bilge pump
    8: 2006 RXT Alum. pump housing
    9: 2006 RXT impeller. pretty good shape. using for testing correct pitch
    10: 2006 RXTdriveshaft
    11: New OEM wear ring
    12: New Inovation uego wideband. 02 installed in SS J pipe
    13: Water Strainer installed before intercooler and orange water restricter behind pump

    I think thats it as of yet. should it be safe at wot or blowup... I still have original ECU so I know rpms will be down around 7600 or so. but do you guys think this is ok.

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    Really no Help or replys

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    215 motors have forged pistons yes.
    Your set up looks good, just monitor the AFR with the gauge and adjust your rrfpr from there.
    I would also get an ecu from a 215 ski to maximize the mods you added. 500 rpms is a big deal
    How did you get the 06 DS to work on an 03 GTX?

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    I put the 03 carbon ring and boot on it with the 06 SS ring and clip.

    I thought i would try the oe ecu first to see how it goes. Im sure i'll change later
    any thoughts on how it might get on plane. I really not so much into top speed as much.
    But i love to thrust past friends and over wakes

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    I would upgrade the exhaust valves on the 2004 motor.

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    good point...what rpm is safe for now

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    get an ECU not expensive.
    what intake manifold are you using ? if it has flame arrestor inside cut it out.
    8100 will be fine with stock engne and an X charger.
    you need a different impeller, you are making a RXT X 255 hp, not a RXT 215 hp.
    you will be all over the rev limiter otherwise.
    pick a prop for holeshot ??? if you like it, 3 blade is better than 4 blade ,, might lose a few mph up top, but awesome punch down low.
    do a tstat mod while engine is out, that would be so easy. 16o degree tstat for like 20 bux shipped, pop it in with boiling water method, i did many it works great!

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    crap I did forget to say i have already did a thermostat 160.....I have NOT done the flame arester yet. can it wait till i do the ecu.

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    f/a is good anytime, but easier to do if parts are still off ski... out of hull

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    ok. i put the ski in the water to make sure things looked ok, no leaks and such. after letting it run in water (still hooked to trailer) and warmed up. My afr was at 10.9 @ 60 static. when I adjusted fuel pres. to 40 static afr was 12.8 idle @1750 and ski sounded lot more crisp.....I have been all over site looking for answer.

    Do i just take it out on water a few pulls and read afr. I know id like to be 11.8ish @ wot. and not worrie about idle afr. i dont want to load up.

    My o2 bung is in the j-pipe. Bosch 42# oe computer and oe fuel pump from my 03 gtx sc
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