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    Battery Help

    My Battery died after only 8 months of use. I have a 2009 seadoo RXT. I was using the self maintained power source battery that is 30ah, WPX30l-bs.

    I need to know if there are any places localy were I can get a similiar battery? I dont want one were I have to fill fluid it in every so often. I live in houston texas.

    I went to a local power sports stores and they want 180 bucks for a yousa (spelling) self maintaning sealed 30ah. I am going to have a tough time spending 180 dollars on a batter. Are there any other local places that sell these? I have tried pepboys and autozone but they only sell the ones were you have to keep fluid in them. I want the sealed self maintaned.

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    In Houston call Southland Battery and talk to Charlotte give her part number UB1260 it is a AGM battery with 26 AH not 30 ,
    I use one in my RXP it is around $65.00

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