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    Faulty Solas prop/warped plastic pump?

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    Has anyone seen this before? This is the second wear ring that has done this (thought the first one was sand). It appears that either the prop (new solas for 155) is faulty or the plastic pump is warped or flexing during install causing the prop to chew up the wear ring.

    when we put the new wear ring in last week (this one), everything set in place nicely and the prop spun freely after torquing it down before the pump was bolted into the machine.

    Any help with this would be awesome.

    2007 GTI 155 of a friends

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    Bad pump bearings.

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    Here is some food for thought,

    I just measured to see if the wear ring is out of round and it is not, and when you set it on the pump you can see the gaps shown in 3 different spots on the pump (pictures below), that makes me believe that the pump is out of round. There is clearly 3 spoths on the pump that show light, and 3 spots on the wear ring that are worn.

    Thanks Beerdart, I just took a look and the bearings in the pump feel very smooth/solid with absolutely no play in them, the prop is still attached so there is some leverage to check.

    This is most certainly very weird though!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are you properly torqing the pump bolts? Looks like the gaps are right where the bolt flanges are on two of them. Check the motor mounts.

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    Had same issue with 2 different skis, ended up installing a aluminium pump from a 215 hp model and problem solved, the plastic housings tend to get out of round so installing a new wear ring in this plastic housing will not solve thin problem. On the 2 skis I've done, clearance is even less than a stock 215hp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bama View Post
    Are you properly torqing the pump bolts? Looks like the gaps are right where the bolt flanges are on two of them. Check the motor mounts.
    Yes every time I install a pump (or anything for that matter) I use the trusty Snap-On torque wrench to make sure the torque is correct, and I have had many pumps/props/wear rings out over the years.

    It does look like it is worn close to the flanges but it is also not sitting correctly on the bench either!

    The pump from a 215 has a bigger prop (diameter), what was involved in converting the 155 to accept the 215 pump? exit nozzle bolt up? Is there a metal pump out there that is a direct replacement for the 155 pump?

    Clearly the pump is screwed and will need to be changed.

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    Either that or install a SS wear ring in it to hold the pump round

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    your pump is warped..We see about 3 or 4 of them a year...

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    pumps are the same, the 155 wear ring is thicker

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    Never thought of the SS wear ring, have to be careful lots of rocks around here!

    I am glad that someone has seen this before, reassures my thought that it is actually warped.

    So the 215 pump goes right in? What year of machine or are they all the same? I havent really done much swapping like this, mostly modifying

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