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    Leak Testing a External Intercooler - How do you guys do it?

    Am testing a external intercooler for leaks before installing it. Whilst I have my own way of doing it that has never let me down I was wondering how you all do it? I hold the IC in a vice (gently and only for support) block off one of the water pipes. Fill the IC with water (air flow sides) and then pressurize (low pressure only) with compressed air the cooling block whilst checking the air flow sides for escaping air bubbles. If you have any, if fails, if you have no bubbles, it's ok.
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    What's your methods?

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    I just put a garden hose on one of the water inlets, then I block of the water exit, if any water leaks into the air chamber it has a hole,

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    Quote Originally Posted by skigolfnut View Post
    I just put a garden hose on one of the water inlets, then I block of the water exit, if any water leaks into the air chamber it has a hole,


    Just to be clear, either method will work fine. I just find it easier to pressure test this way

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    I have done it both ways too, but I prefer attaching fittings and plugging one water outlet, and attaching a hose to the other water outlet. I dump the whole intercooler into water (use a wash basin or a wheel barrow or whatever is big enough). I run the air compressor up to 50 psi and pressurize the water side with 50 psi of air ... if no bubbles, no worries.

    Our skis experience water pressure spikes that can easily hit 50 psi on occasion, so to really test it, you do need good pressure, either water or air, sustained for at least five minutes. Usually you will see the leak almost immediately though if there is one.

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