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    RXX, GPR, Ultra150

    The three skis I am interested in are the: RXX, GP1200R/GP1300R, Ultra 150. Budget: 4000

    -Seadoo RXX- sharp look and that push the throttle quickness. There is a what IF factor for everything in life but I just don't know if this one is worth the possible headache. Is this thing going to blow up today. But up until it blows, this thing rocks your ass and looks fantastic. I am mechanically inclined, but not much scenery in my garage if tinkering all summer.

    -Yamaha GPRs- Always hear great things about the hulls in lake or river chop. Sharp skis. Would defiantly have the Dplate and Clips.

    -Ultra 150- Reliable. Sharp. Not a huge fan of the hull. But the motor and pump really make up for the hull, IMO.

    Please let me know your thoughts.
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