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    Loosing coolant FAST at high RPM's


    Im having problems with loosing coolant fast while at high RPM's. I THINK its an external leak, I cant be sure yet because I have spilled some coolant inside the hull, and havent had time to clean it all up and do a run, and its abit hard to
    know if it is because of the billage pumps most likely sucks it out.

    But I had a couple of runs at full throtle (about 30 sec each) and lost about 1 liter of coolant, the engine runs fine I belive so im hoping its not the head gasket.

    Im not loosing anything at low RPM's tho.

    I have tried to preasureise the tank to see if I can reproduse it, but no luck there, but not sure how that would work with the termostat as it would probably be closed and not allowing me to test the entire circuit?

    The engine cant swallow all that and have no effect on performance and RPM can it? :s

    Im abit pissed, because Im just finished runing in the engine after a complete rebuild done by a sea-doo dealer, and ofc I dont get a warrenty because of my engine mods, so for the love of my now very slim wallet I hope it isnt >.<

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    boost junkie skidoochris's Avatar
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    pinch off the overflow hose
    if it is comming out the overflow ( from bad HG) it will blow the line off the bottle
    IMO you head gasket is junk

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    Yeah, but im hoping that wasnt the problem =(

    Had a exaust valve breake on me a few weeks ago, that engine had lasted a good while with the same mods, but guess with my luck these days there is an issue with the head gasket....

    Gonna digg some more into it tomorrow, check the spark pluggs and see if there is any sign of faul play., and replace all the original hose clamps and do another test.

    Not the awnser that I was hoping for tho.

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    Did you recheck/retorque the head bolts after you ran it and put heat into it????if not retorque the head bolts down to 95 ft lbs and try running it again...the head bolts seadoo uses are stretch bolts and need to be checked/retorqued at least a couple of times after install ..

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    IMO Headgasket, prob a good idea to order you a new stock one and possibly have your head decked. Of course do what Sno suggests first.

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    head gasket. just went through the same thing man. not hard to change.

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    check the hose clamps on the bottom of the water pump they pop and the hose stays on and only leaks antifreeze when going fast and when you are going fast it bilges right out

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    It is very possible for your head gasket to be blown and your ski to still run flawlessly. I had the same thing (as with many others) and didn't want to believe it either. It really is not a very hard job to replace though.

    Of course, you should rule everything else out first, and do as Sno suggested. Did the engine rebuilder replace the head bolts with the rebuild?

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    Yeah, Im gonna check all the hoses.

    Im not sure what he has done to the head gasket, gonna try and retorque it to 95 ft lbs and see if that works. Read somewhere that the original bolts could have a defect that made it streach to much and the torque didnt want to hold?

    And ofc order a new headgasket.

    Thanks for all the awnsers =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ocman View Post
    IMO Headgasket, prob a good idea to order you a new stock one and possibly have your head decked. Of course do what Sno suggests first.
    Just a followup question, is the stock gasket better then the RIVA Pro Series gasket?

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