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    Angry 96 SL900 No Spark Blues

    So i have been having an ongoing problem with my PWC. No Spark. I lost spark with my old stator and CDI so i did the updated stator and CDI convertion and still don't have spark.
    I did all the test on the CDI and Stator and hull Effect sensors and this is what I got
    New Battery. 12.7volts before cranking 11.1 Volts while cranking
    CDI is delevering 8.2 volts while cranking through the Brown Wire. Tested the Hall effect sensor wires Gray, Brown, Red, Blue, Green to engine block ground and got Open Connection on all as I am supposted too.

    Did the test with the 9 volt battery to trigger senosors and got a little different reading. When I cheked the first wire Green I got 6.5M Ohms until it passed the trigger magnet and then went to 104ohms and then went to 3.6K ohm after passing the sensor then back to 104 ohms when it hit the sensor again. reading where the same for all Red, Blue, Green Wires.

    the stator ohms test I got all the numbers I should have got
    Black to engine ground 0.0 ohms
    black to purlple 5.5 ohms
    Yellow to red purple .75 ohms
    yellow or red/purlple to engine block non connection

    Ignition coil test on the primary coils worked out to what the should be

    .35ohms measured Balck/white to yellow/brown, black/blue black/green

    black to black/white I am supposted to get infinite resistance and I am reading 6.4K ohms
    and primary black/white to ground I am supposed to get infinite and I get a reading of 7.5M ohms

    Secondary ingnition coil black wire to plug caps i get a reading of 6.5K ohms for all three plugs.

    Any suggestions on problem? Is the coil gone and that is why I'm getting 6.4Kohms and not Infinite Resistance when I test Black to black/white

    Im not sure about the Trigger coil hall effect sensor test either. the test says Im supposted to get an open circuit until the magnet passes and the get a reading around 25ohms and Im getting nothing like that with the 6.5M ohms then to 104 ohms and then to 3.6K ohms.

    the stator and CDI update where new from polaris factory.
    Any help or suggestions would be great and much appreciated.


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    Well I figured it out. Ended up being the Ignition coil. Purchased a new (USED) Coil. when the new one showed up I test resistance of the Back white primary wire to Black ground and circut was open. No connection. Installed and I have spark. What an adventure. I can only just imagine what the bill would of been if I took it to the dealer.
    Everything figured out with the information found on this site.
    Thanks to everyone. NO LET GO RIDING.

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