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    Removal of the Auto Cock on the 1994 Polaris SL 750

    Next weekend im going to remove the auto cock from my 94 sl 750. Im also going to add the triple output fuel pump and replace all the lines etc that im getting from john zigler. I do have a question when removing the auto cock. I looked at all the diagrams on this site and I do understand them for the most part and I get the routing for the fuel lines. There is one line though on the auto cock that I dont know that it is. I attached photos and its the clear/rust colored plastic line coming right off the top of the autocock. Im pretty sure it might be a vaccum line but dont know. What do I do with that 1/8 inch hose? Is that the line that I am suppose to cap off and if so what should I cap it off with? Also, any tips for changing out the triple output fuel pump. Is it possible to do it without taking the carbs off? thanks for any replies.

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    I believe the 1/8" line from the autocock connects to the intake manifold below the carbs. Trace its connection point, remove the hose, and cap the fitting.

    It is a bit of a challenge to try and install the triple outlet without carb removal just because of the tight clearances to get fuel lines on and off including clamps on the back of the carbs. I think you will make your life much easier if you remove the carbs to do the work.

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    Just did the fuel pump replacement too but I also overhauled the carbs. I would agree with bluefish, it would be awfull tough getting the fuel and return lines installed and the two pluged lines on with the carbs in the engine. One other note, put clamps on the plugs that came with the fuel pump kit.
    I waited until the carbs were reinstalled but it wasnt too tough just adding clamps.

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    Glad to hear you got it tackled!

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