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    01 ultra wont start.. help please - video link attached

    Been working 3 days on ultra. Stock bike never had any problems until now. Been thru entire bike cleaned all connections, grounds, ect. When first took ski out storage put battery in and clicks came from starter solenoid. Took solenoid out my 99 ultra (99 started right up no prob) and put into 01 which fix problem and turned ski over. I saw rusted washers on 01 solenoid which i replaced and put back in 01 and that fixed the problem allowing the ski to turn over no problem.

    The ski's both have been sitting for 2 years. Was out of town working last summer so never pulled them out. At first when took plugs out the 01 an turned engine over oil keep coming out the cylinders and finally got that mess out the cylinders. Now there dry. When i now take plugs out there slightly wet with gas/oil. I tried 2 different set of new plugs. Sprayed starter fluid and WD-40 and wont turn over.

    Compression test cylinders. All good

    The fuel filter has gas but barely any gas in it. Which I check the 99 (which starts) and about the same amount of gas in that filter.

    Im about fed up with ski an just wanna drop it off to get fixed. Which i hate going to only local dealer in area cause they always stick me with $1000 bill even when i bring them the parts to swap out and always been minor work.

    Here's link to video. Just copy paste if cant click. Couldnt get it to work in attchment

    If anybody got any idea it be much appreciated.

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    use a squirt bottle with some premix ( lose the starter spray before you hurt yourself or bl)ow your engine up) about a teaspoon down each jug..choke off plugs back in. 5-10 seconds on the starter open and close the throttle.. But I'll be your plugs are the problem. It's pertty hard to get a oil flooded engine to run. I had a 150 that made me the scourge of s. broadway. When I started it up it would blow huge clouds of smoke. It was leaking injector oil into the engine.

    if you don't get any signs of life the engine timing is way off or perhaps the cdi is screwed.

    confirm hot spark and let us know how the premix injection worked. Even wisps of burning fuel should be reported

    after sitting a few years, two strokes may need more then the expected amount of coddling to start up. I deal with lots of em.

    Oh yeah..check the exhaust for a rats nest

    Take it easy on the starter, you can only compound your problems and expenses by running it hard. 5-10 seconds @ most.

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    most likely the fuel system has lost prime, carbs are likely gummed up as well, follow nmpeter's advise and add fuel to the cyl's, if starts then time to have carbs and fuel sys cleaned and reprimed.

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    guys thanks for responding.

    I did the premix. Still same thing. The ski acts like it wants to crank but just sputters out fast. I noticed i have twice as much gas in fuel filter now. Also i noticed lots of oil/gas on concrete under exhaust outlet. have spark on all plugs. evertime i take plugs out there wet with clear gas no or hardley any oil.

    I havent messed with carbs at all. Hell i cant even find how air even get into carbs. Can you verify how air get in there?


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    more gas, fresh the least spray them with brake cleaner and scrw em back in. Even if the carbs are pretty well plugged you should get a few spins on the dance floor before the fuel is exhausted.

    I assuming the fuel in the tank is fresh. if it isn't shut the fuel valves off and just see if you can get the motor to spin up enough to clear it.

    You seem to have quite a bit of oil in the motor..looks like you can go with striaght gas for a few tries. Don't go nuts and make sure you have a fire bottle nearby.

    not time to deal with carbs yet.

    sometimes the old gas down the jug will suck some fuel thru the system and the engine will run. like I said..hanging around for two years means lots of tlc.

    now the carbs might be totally fouled up..but that's another day.

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    open the ebox for inspection.

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    I'm no expert on kawa's but make sure you confirm there is spark, and it is strong. Then you can separate it into either a fuel or spark issue. Had identical issue on my seadoo xp.

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    I appreciate all inputs....

    Finally got it started after all day. I pulled the plugs and left them out for over a hour. Walked back outside put charged batt in then plugs in and started cranking, noticing it firing different like it wanted to start. Like as if leavig the plugs out helped it want to start. Finally fired up and was sluggish for first 6-10 sec. with me giving it very little throttle then leveled off and ran fine total 20 sec. Shut ski off and check for leaks or for anything i could see.. Nothing, everything looked fine. Hooked hose up and cranked right up walked to turn water on. Ran fine, idle smooth, water out pissers, Some smoke out back but nothing like i seen come out the back of my '99. After 2-3 mins engine stopped. I noticed gas turned off. Turn gas on an tried to start and gunk just shot out exhaust onto garage door. Ski never started when this happened. Looked like mud but obviously was oil/ carbon build up, not sure what all. But since that never could get it to crank back up. Tried for good 30 mins taking plugs out multiple time's cleaning them and playing with choke and couldnt get it to fire up. Battery wet limp and was getting dark so put everything up. I took plugs out and left them out an cover cylinders with towel.

    I hoping tom a.m. putting fresh battery in and plugs in it will fire back up.

    This ski has just been hell past few days. Was about ready to give up. Just hoping everything is normal. Will never ever let any ski sit up without running ever again..

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    you did check for a rats nest in there?..seems like you found it!

    tomorrow will be a better day

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    alright. can get ski crank up on command.. But only when i have gas off. Will run until no more gas in lines. Then when i turn gas on it dies. Wont crank up with gas on at all.

    More gunk came out rear. appears to be clearing up the more water i can run thru it. But by time i get to turn water on ski wont run long as gas is turned off. Did this 3-4 good times to try clear out crap.

    Any idea why wont run with gas on but will with gas off?

    Cylinders seem to be getting hott. Once have water on two cyl seem to cool off alot more the a third. Then after died let cyl kool off then crank back up all cyl get hot then with water on different 2 cyl kool off and a different cly be hot. An this went on between all 3 cyl each time i crank ski up.

    Any idea about anything????

    Also when first started messing with ski i noticed choke throttle line stayed choked even when turn choke off. Just reached under and would feel choke line get slack when turn choke off but wouldnt flip actual choke off. So i reach under manully when want to turn choke off and turn lil rounding think that on side off carb area. Now kinda lost track which position is choke an un-choke. Can explain which position is which?

    Now i think of it when i choke line gets tights and rotates choke on carbs. When turn choke off the round thing turn slightly. Im not sure how much round thing normally moves back an forth when turn choke on sde of ski. If it only rotates a tad bit then may be working correctly.

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