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    Considering Used RXT/RXP - Opinions / Maintenance Etc.

    Hi All,

    I am in the researching phase of my next waverunner purchase. I am within the next year going to start looking to purchase a couple used waverunners. I want to go with 4 stroke units in the 05-09 range. I would like to spend $10-12k for a pair with trailer so that is why I think I will be in the early part of this year range. I am looking for a pair of versitile, stable 3 person skis. Will pull the occasional tube or skier, freshwater riding - small inland lake mostly. Might take to a couple larger lakes for cruising but I have a couple boats for that already...

    How difficult are Sea-Doos to work on? I am a handy person, work on my own cars, etc. Not a mechanic but generally very good and working on things - have done head gaskets / lower intake manifold gaskets / etc on my vehicles of the years. I guess the closed coolingsystem over the open of the yamahas is where my question is originating.

    With the RXP/RXT models, what long term damage could be presnt if the washers in the supercharger were not replaced on time? Obviously any I would get with over 100 hours would have them replaced right away or a reman s/c put on and then these would be kept up on.

    Anything else I should be aware of or consider with my purchase or looking at used Sea Doos?

    Is there a good maintenance schedule online that you guys would recommend so I know when what fluids should have been changed etc?


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    I would try to buy an 08+ model, they have better superchargers from the factory, better exhaust system and better electricals (eg no MPEM)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_man_luke View Post
    I would try to buy an 08+ model, they have better superchargers from the factory, better exhaust system and better electricals (eg no MPEM)
    Thanks for the info! I will watch for the '08+ If I found a great price on a '05-07 are these improvements enough to pass on a really good deal?

    Freind of mine has an '05 since new and it has been a very solid machine for him.

    I read the '04-'05 have some haul delamination issues, how common is this?

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    Be sure to read and reread the sticky thread regarding the exhaust valve issues. Be wary of any pre 07 4tec engine that has been sitting for a length of time without running, even if they were "winterized". Also, be sure to check the VTS drive for function. These have been known to leak and stop functioning. It is an easy fix and should only run you about 350, if its just the sensor/housing.

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    Thanks I did glance at the thread and now re-read it. Sounds like I am up to at least the '07 model year now

    What was 'better' about the '08+ superchargers? These still had the ceramic washers right?

    I did find a nice pair of '07 RXTs with 80-90 hours on each, original owner sale I am kicking around.

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