Took out my js440 that i recently bought to the lake a couple days ago. I started it up and it ran five for a few minutes while i was warming it up. I started riding it around and after a few minutes it died. It wouldnt start for a few minutes then would start and run for about 10 seconds at a time, then die. On shore i saw that an exhaust fitting rubber thingy came off. I put it back on, but i didnt have a screw driver to tighten it and it kept falling off and the inside kept filling up with smoke. after a couple minutes of riding. I put it on at home, and i ran it on the hose but it kept dying like it did on the lake. Does anyone know what this could be? Someone on the lake said it could be fuel filter but i checked and its perfect. Also, when it was running, when i gave it gas it felt like it was kind of slow getting out of the hole and kind of slow at full throttle. It would sort of push up out of the water, then go slow down and then push out of the water. And if it helps, it has a coffman's exhaust, ocean pro ride plate and west coast intake grate. Any help is appreciated.