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    1996 gtx 7000 rpm's then dies?

    new lines, fuel selct. cleaned, carb's cleaned, run's out of hole great after warmed up hit 7000rpm's and it falls on face, at 3/4 throtltle it will too. when you strat it low batt. on screen but wheels over fine.Speedo not working.. help......

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    7200 rpm is rev limit.. 200 rpm cushion, so 7000 rpm is about the norm.. Low Battery flashing when cranking is pretty much normal..

    What do you mean it falls on it's face?
    3/4 throttle does what too?
    Won't hold the rpm?
    What is your jetting?
    Aftermarket Mods??

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    1st not my machine..... working on it for a friend
    the engine was just rebuilt, with stock jetting and settings. I pulled tempo lines off and cleaned carb's and fuel selector switch, water seperator and installed a inline filter but did not do anything with tank.(he was having hard starts and similar running issues before I started working on it thought it was lines,filters were bad in carb's)
    yes it will not hold steady rpm's shuts down like lynard was pulled after hitting top rpm to wherever you hold throttle past low speeds
    at 3/4 throttle it will shut down like stated above
    after running ,killing ,starting running again several times it started hard like it was flooded and I gave up no new plugs to try....
    Is it elect.? I'm new to sea doo's and this lanyard beeping thing....1 beep normal when hooked up right? It just seems like loosing spark the way it shuts down..... it pulls great out of hole to 7000....
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    Well pulled tank apart last night to no avail pickup screen was clean....tested vents and seem to be working... not pluged anyway. 1 thing i did notice was that I didn't have reserve line clamped tight on tank. Going to throw new plugs in it and take it out this afternoon and hope that was it. Tried the push the start button 5 times and connect lynard thing (codes)it beeps 2 short beeps when I try and start... then it will crank over...... is this something? the book says its not that "key" could not be right????

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