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    2004 GP1300r 600rpm Max (approx)

    Sorry title should read 6000rpm not 600
    I have a 2004 GP1300r that was submerged (hull almost full) and the engine injested water. I removed the immediately and openend up crankcase. Removed all water and oiled everything. All back together and engineleak tested. All good.

    Re-installed motor and all back together . Cleaned an lubed everything, ski starts up frst time.Problem now is ski is max rpm is appprox 6K on the water. I suspected the power valve motor but it cycles fine and I also ran the diagnostic test for the powervalve motor with the YDS.
    Today I ran it on the water with the seat removed and observer the PV motor. I cannot see it open, it seems to try but does not open. I removed the cables and the valves are moving freely.

    Can I just lock the powervalves open to test.

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