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    94 Waveraider temp light on with water pumping steady

    Ive got a 94 waveraider that i was riding around the lake and shut it off ,and my buddy through a huge wake and soaked my ski when i started it back up after prolly 20 min the temp light was flashing on the dash. Water is pumping through the machine steady and i could hold my hand on the head. when its flashing it goes to like 1/4 power and studders . I got it to go off once just by taking it 20 ft off shore it went away and then came right back so i was wondering if its the temp sensor? Anyone with any ideas?

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    You may want to try asking this question in the Yamaha Old School section to get a better response.

    When my 94 Raider did this, I confirmed by flushing that nothing was plugged up and then just disconnected the head temp sensor.

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