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    701 62T Refresh

    I need to rebuild the top end on the 701 from my wave venture. Decided to pull the engine and do some preventative maintenance on the bottom end while I was at it. I completed the tear down and have a few questions?
    1) I was considering buying a top end kit including machining from any opinions on these guys? They use WSM pistons which I'm OK with as this is just a recreational ski.
    2) The PTO bearing on the crank is smooth and rotates freely but is kind of loud. Is this a function of the type of bearing with large balls and a cage or a cause for concern? I'm leaning towards replacing it.
    3) For crank seals should I use OEM parts or is there something better available? I've seen some Teflon seals but don't know if they are better than OEM.

    Any other advise appreciated. This is my first time inside a yamaha engine and sofar everything looks real straight forward.

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    None of the bearings should make any noise, you're right to replace it. I've had bad experiences with aftermarket crank seals so I only use OEM now.

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    Agree, replace that bearing and only use OEM crank seals.

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    Use pro x pistons. Same as oem.

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