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    How to tune carbs?

    Just completed a handful of mods. What is the the proper way to tune a 1200PV? I took Oside Bill's recommendations on jet size and settings, and the ski starts easy and runs fine. A slight hesitation upon first giving throttle from an idle though. Perhaps that's normal, this ski is pretty new to me. Anyway, when tuning am I looking to achieve highest rpms at WOT? I have a tiny tach hooked up temporarily and I'm topping out at about 7040 most of the time. Should I try running a bit leaner and a bit richer to see how it affects the RPMs?

    Ski is as follows:

    2004 XLT1200
    Riva heads 145 psi
    Riva S2 stinger
    Tau Ceti arrestors
    125 high/117.5 low jets
    Solas 13/19
    R&D plate and grate
    Free flow exhaust

    Fasted recorded with gps was 64.3, but 61.5 is more common top speed.

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    Not sure if the 2004 is like my 2000xlt 1200, but once I disabled my accelerator pump, the ski took off perfectly from idle. Very simple to do. I used Cajun Dude's site to get a good idea what was involved. I removed the cam.

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