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    rebuilding carbs

    i am a newby here just wanted advice, i got a xp 650 rebuilding carbs and wondered if new fuel lines and a oil block off kit to tank mix is a good idea or stick with oil inject

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    New fuel lines, mikuni kits are a good idea. Up to u if you wanna run pre mix. You will use more oil this way, and have to measure and add everytime. I did it, never again.

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    thanks for the info

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    lFuel lines, needle/seat in carbs and fuel selector are a must along with above mentioned. Better to change selector out than risk it leaking after cleaned. They are cheap from dealer and aftermarket for the one you need. Make sure carbs are gone thru thoroughly along with fuel strainer gas tank and fuel baffle. That year is not hard to remove tank and wash it out clean. Dead and dried fuel residue gets washed back in fresh fuel and will clog everything up in the whole system. There are plenty of articles covering how to do this on every PWC site. When done correctly, ski will run like new again, and leave a big smile on your face after riding.

    Make sure you read the effin manual regarding the oil injection. If set back correctly no problems ever. If wrong, you can accidentally cut the oil supply off and immedialely fry the motor. Injection is great and trouble free, despite what some thing about it. Same pump on skis is used on most outboards when they were all 2 stroke.

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    What exactly are the carbs on this ski? I'm helping watson rebuild these and I am having a hard time figuring out which model they are. Got the Mikuni kits and it looks like they send enough stuff to rebuild several different models. Are they 38s or 44s? There seems to be a big difference in gaskets between the 2 models. If anyone has a link to a diagram that would be great. I'm starting to wonder if we ordered the wrong rebiuld kit. BTW is this engine a 650 or 657? Found a set of numbers on the case but don't know what exactly to look for. One more dumb seadoo newbie question-what are you supposed to use between the two exhaust sections? Not the manifold that takes a gasket but after that where the big flared clamp is. Can't find a diagram that shows a gasket so is it some type of rtv or silicone?

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