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    15F water box won't fit thru hull hole?

    I'm trying to fix a ruptured hole between my exhaust pipe and water box. Nothing but problems today. First- the water box will not fit through the hole where the rear storage compartment mounts. I've turned it every which way including how the manual describes rivet placement. The hole seems about 1/4" smaller than the water box OD.

    Second- my exhaust pipe is badly corroded where the rings sit. Even the rings were half gone. Is this a common problem?

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    Yes that is very common with the exhaust. It will fit through the hole you just have to force it the rubber gasket is what makes it so tight. It is a super tight fit. clean it up and buy some new rings and then make sure you seat it properly. Is the hole in the rubber piece between the 2? If you take your hose off the breather hole above the waterbox you can put a pry bar in there to make sure you push it all the way up into the exhaust manifold. Read your instructions on how to do everything it isn't fun. The paper tape and the windex is a life saver.

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    Thanks a bunch- It's not the rubber that's holding mine in, its the hole in the fiberglass under the rubber. That hole seems about 1/4" smaller than the water box. I'm going to try it again tonight... I was real frustrated yesterday.

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    Both fit through you just need to twist and wiggle. (The water box not you)


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    It finally came out... not easily though. On to the next phase- fixing a rotted exhaust pipe.

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