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    Key way on triple pipe gp1200r

    Ok guys I'm sure most of you realize I just bought a new to me 2001 triple pipe gp1200r. The mods are Lowell ported cases, Lowell ported jugs, Lowell cut pvs, Trued welded crankorks, factory triple pipes, rad total loss flywheel, advent ignition, dual cooling, dual fuel feeds, primer system, riva power filters, v force2 reeds, extended reed plate, fercho cooling setup, fuel, primer, jet works, carbs tricked out, 50:1 msoil dominator, Jim's riva free flow plate, Trued hull, shimmed tabs, 2005 h. O. Pump, solasv14/? Carl prop, dual bypasses, riva gas valves, riva heads cut by Lowell with girdle kit, free flow mods, riva ppk kit, rivv1200 grate, stepped sponsons, umi setup, renthal bars, gen x carbon fiber cover, riva grips, pet tach, deka battery, rivav seat cover, what ever else I forgot! I'm sending crank to get phase pinned by crank works, jugs to get renicked n checked by Lowell, new piston kits, and osidebills gonna perform his magic on the carbs. All new gaskets, crank seals, fuel hoses, water hoses, fuel,filters, and riva sponsons will be done as well. Would a wfo key way help me? If so does this put extra stress on crank? What degree? Seems like this is one of the few mods left for this ski. Confused why Kerry and fercho wouldn't recommend a key way for this ski at the current time. No need with advent?

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    No need with the advent. But if you need more timing, it will add that set amount to the advent curve. Its way easier to just change the curve on the advent vs. pulling a flywheel to change timing.

    At this point, sounds like all that is left to do is spend time and tune the engine and hull for what your looking for.

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    Thanks ronn, got some work ahead of me but I'm in no hurry. I want to do this correct and one time. Yeah previous owner didn't miss much when it came to mods. He had some of the best working for and with him. Just looking at what else besides big bore would help ski out

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