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    What the hell happened ?? pics inside. 00 1200 xl ltd.

    I just picked up two skis and they both had low compression in the rear cyl. I opened them up and this is what I found. Both still have the cats ( or should I say what used to be a cat) one cat was in pieces in the pipe and the other looks extremely poor condition. It looks to me like the rings went or caught a PV maybe bt the PV are still intact but on one ski they were siezed it took me 10 mins and alot of prying to get them to move. The oil lines are all intact and look good the other cyl all look good.

    I need some quidance as to what to check and look for I have spare cyl and would like to just bolt them on and put D plates and wave eaters in and go but I do not want to have to do this again any time soon. Please help. First pic is the head of #1 ski can I still use this or do I need a new one ?? second pic is #2 ski rear piston and third pic is #1 ski rear piston.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Head looks usuable. First piston looks like it may have spun a ring. Is the ring pin still in place? The second one looks like it hit the powervalve.

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    I was also thinking it may have hit the PV but if the pin for the PV is still in good condition and in place how is this possible ? Is there a travel adjustment for the PV ?

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    Another question the ski with the PV that were stuck when I was checking the compression originally I did not hear the PV servo motor moving, is there a fuse for this or a way to check to see if it is working ? I am concerned that the valve being stuck may have damaged the servo motor.

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    No travel adjustment on the powervalve.

    The piston that looks to be hit by a powervalve is that the same motor that had the siezed pv?

    As far as i know theres only the two fuses on the front of the electrical box. Best method for checking the motor is to turn the motor on and then off. After turning off the pv motor will cycle open then closed.

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    With the damage done I think I'd want to inspect the crank and make sure metal didn't get down into it. If it did that can get into the bearing and make a mess of a problem, bigger than you got now

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    The one that looks like it hit the PV was the one I thought was just rings maybe causing low compression because the PV were moving good, servo cycling like it should and all oil lines still attached.

    This is driving me crazy because I do not know what caused this to happen on either ski.

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    Which one had the cat in pieces? The reason the D-plate mod is so popular is because the cat is known for breaking apart causing the engine to go. What did the plugs look like? Pretty much with these engines the source of failures are as follows:
    1) powervalve hits piston (waveeater clips prevent this)
    2) ring pin drops causing ring to catch ( after market pistons dont have this problem)
    3) lean condition / air leak (rebuild carbs with mikuni kits, disable accelerator pump, rejet per osbill, flamearrestors, and perform leak down test)
    4) oil line pops off / run out of oil / one way valves on oil get clogged up (many people prefer going premix to avoid these)
    5) gas not getting to engine. ( older gps have a flap at the fuel pickup that can block the reserve pickup also fuel filter can be clogged)
    6) spark can be an issue as these skis age many issues surface here.
    7) power valves stick and need to be cleaned. This causes loss of power in different places in the power curve depending but ususally top end.
    Cat con clogging exhaust.
    9) lean siezure at around 4000 rpms. Rejetting, dplate,and flame arresters pretty much eleminate the issue.

    This is not everything but it is the most common failures ive seen. I c u live in kent, thats not far from me i actually live in kirkland. Id offer to take a look but slammed next few weekends. If your still having trouble in september PM me, ill come lend a hand.

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    The one with the cat in pieces is the middle picture.

    thanks for the offer to take a look at these the skis are in Sammamish and some parts are at my shop in Kent.

    I am going to try and get one ski running this weekend with a spare cyl, D plate and wave eater clips I have. I am going to clean up the PV and give it a try.

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    Notice there is no evidence of the PV hitting the skirt of the piston. I believe you leaned out, either a lack of fuel or a big air leak. That is melting on top, not just mechanical pieces banging around. I would rebuild the carbs for sure, then look at the rear crank seal as well.

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