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    First Ski for me, not the last...

    Thanks in advance for reading. I just bought my first pwc, it is a 1997 Kawasaki 900 Zxi. I already replaced the fuel filter, plugs, gas, and the bulbs on the trailer. I was going to remove all the decals and I tried the hair dryer method. There has to be a better way so I did some research and thought of getting that wheel that I can attach to my drill and not mess up the paint. But then I was thinking about repainting the whole thing. Is painting a jetski whorthwhile if the paint is already chipping?

    I then started to think of replacing the mats becuase they are original and have normal wear and tear. When I was removing some of the mats it pulled up some paint as well. *keeps making a case to paint the thing...

    Looking at mat kits online for my particular ski I could not find a kit that replaced the rear boarding platform. Anyone else run into the same problem? or have advice in creating one? just a thought.

    thanks again for reading,

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    G'day Schmuds,

    I'm only new to owning skis as well but i've seen on here you can buy Hydro Turf with double sided tape on it, or you can use contact adhesive. Probably be a bit of mucking around to fit, take your time with cutting it out and test fit it first and you should be right.

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    I say, ride your ski for a while first. See if you would really like the ski and see if it is worth some investment or not first.

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    Welcome aboard, schmuds!

    The ZXi hulls were painted, and the paint on the bottom would come off in large strips. As MGM said, ride it to see if you want to keep it before spending money on cosmetics.

    Probably time to replace the oil lines, or at least carefully inspect them. They get brittle with age and crack. Replace with polyurethane hose and secure with stainless safety wire. Use .025" wire and wrap twice around the hose, then twist the ends to secure the hose.

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    thanks for the tips fellas, i appreciate it. i do see where yall are coming from, it makes sense. i guess i do need to ride it more to really understand it. at the same time i do not know where the ski has been and would love to start "kinda" new with a softer material for my precious feet, lol.

    i took off all the decals with that eraser wheel and oh man that was pretty easy compared to the dair dryer and goof off method.

    last time i inspected the lines the engine looked clean and the previous owner said something about changing fuel or oil lines last year, if i can remember correctly. thanks for the heads up on this issue though.

    i guess ill have to test and see if i really want to keep the ski for a long time, before i paint it.

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