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    Looking to Buy need some advice from you pro's :)

    Hey there ladies and gents,

    I am hoping you pro's can lend a newbie some advice, I am currently in the hunt for my first jet ski.

    I had it narrowed down to a 2003-04 XPDI then an 99-2001 XP carb. The reason I was narrowing in on the xp is I love the aggressiveness of the hull and how light it was. I'm not really interested in anything less aggressive like the RX of the same year as I have a pleasure boat for when I want to do that.

    I have read a lot of complaints about the DI motor as well as the 951 motor in general. I have read as much as I could and they didn't really scare me to much but I missed out on two decently priced very low hour XPDI's and most of the XP's I find are all beat on and have high hours which seems like they will be just more money to maintain.

    Now I just found a 2007 Seadoo RXP non super charged with the na 155 hp 4 stroke with 45 hours, I like it because I would rather stay away from SC. I know I may get hammered for that but I want less maintenance head aches and longevity. Maybe down the road I'd consider it but not right now. Could anyone with experience with this ski give me some advice on what to look for and what you think of it? possibly even what you'd value one as well?

    Any type of info you guys or gals provide would be great thanks again.

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    There is quite a bit of difference in the old XP hulls and the RXP hulls. Plus, without a supercharger, I would suspect that the RXP platform would be a little dull. I remember the feel when my SC would go out. Not terribly fun. It's also harder and harder to find people that know how to work on the fuel injected XPDIs. What's your price range and where are you going to be riding?

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    Man your going to like the Non SC Ski until you ride a SC Ski then your going to hate your old ski lol I go with an RXP or RXT X they are alot of fun

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    I will say this having ridden all of the above ski's plus a RXP with X-charger and 42's. Go with the carbed 951 of the earlier XP's, the fuel injected ones are nice because they start easier then the carbed version but if you run into issues with your DI good luck figuring them out because you can end up chasing electrical ghosts. As for the 155 RXP, honestly i wouldnt buy it, I'd much rather have the RX which is only 25hp less but is MUCH lighter and more playful then a 155 RXP would be. If you didnt like the RX's you wont like the 155 RXP even though it would be very reliable.

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    Thanks for the reply's guys, I would be riding in the great lakes. I'm located in Southern Ontario Canada. I'm looking to spend anywhere from 4-6.5K. I was pretty dead set on going with an XP due to what you guys have just pretty much confirmed. I was considering an RX but I figured if I'm going to go with the 951 motor I want it in an XP and I love its design. Is the RX as fun to drive as the XP?

    Could you guys give me some advice as far as maintenance is concerned with the 951 motor? You get a lot of extremes when you research it as far some people saying they are a nightmare others say they are great. Realistically what can I expect from your experiences. Also fuel usage is kind of all over the board for the carb versions I've read 11-13 gallons an hour under full is that accurate. If you have any other advice or links for info I am all ears....

    thanks a ton.

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