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    i have a 2001 palaris virage 701 with no spark, please need some help

    ok iv read on some things and did some tests, i have 12 volts at cdi box , i got 7 volts at brown wire , iv discontted black and yellow wire, and tryed discontting grey wire, still no spark, i have new coil pack , good battery, my cdi box is black with red silcone were the wires and com port is. i did the 9 volt battery test still no spark, is it my stator or my cid box is bad? im stuck, when i test the wires from the cid box to coil pack i get one with 12 volts and one with nothing, they both dont have no ground singal, please can i have some advise on this thank you

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    What is the actual battery voltage when the engine is cranking, as measured by a multi-meter?

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