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    Newbie here!!! Some after market questions!

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ID:	279939Just picked up. Over all picture
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ID:	279940Under the seat.
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    Newbie here! New to skis as well. I have been arround my dad's old 650 waverunners but that is about it. I have also been around alot of sleds for what that is worth. I saw these on craigslist and picked them up. I didn't get them from the owner, there was a middle man so I could not find out much about them. I know they have not been taken care of to well but the 12 was at 49 hrs and the 8 at 58 hrs. The 1200 has some aftermarket stuff and I'm not sure what it all is or does. I know from where I pick up the floats for them that they were driven through some very low water areas. I am thinking of selling the 800 and keeping the 1200. My questions and pictures are of that. First there are aftermarket handle bars on it and a left brake lever to control the trim on it which I don't find to work as well as the stock set up on the 800. Am I doing something wrong, will this set up work well? Also the 12 is not much faster than the 8. It sounds alot faster but when raced not much difference. Top end on the speedo I see about 65 tops on the 12. When I brought them home after a quick ride I found a piece of rope in the impeller and while removing it I flooded the motor with h20. Pulled the plugs, spun it till dry and fouled plugs for a bit I am guessing untill all of the h2o was out of the air box. I did see a Riva plate on it. I have since put about 2 hours on it. How fun! It looks like the middle cyclilinder is running a little lean. Can the carb filter be changed with out pulling the carbs? I thought I would start there? I also was wondering what all of the aftermarket good are and what they are suppose to acomplish? What is the little knob where all the lines come off the exhause part? I have looked at Riva's side and here some and do not see this set up. This site seem alot like some sled forums that were very informative. Thanks! and sorry for all of the rookie questions!

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    Sorry only way to get to the carb filter is by pulling them. Might want to consider rebuilding all the carbs and make sure to use the mikuni kits.

    Looks like you have a cooling mod to heat the exhuast up a bit. The riva exhuast tube pretty much just makes it easier to get to the carbs. Also emliminates the need for a dplate.

    You dont have the waveeater clips so youll want to invest in those.

    The trim is for use while your in a turn while the fatory was an adjustment for different water conditions.

    Not 100% sure onthe knob but i imagine is a way to adust the water flow threw it, again to control the temp of the exhaust.

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    So, I have no way to adjust for water conditions now? It seems to porpoise alot. Hard to get speed out of it depending on conditions but what do I need to adjust to take that out. On a boat I'd play with the trim as I did on the 800 which worked. I tried with little luck on the 1200.

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