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    Where to buy RE block off kit for RXP

    looking for some RE block offs but cant find them anywhere for sale....

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    they haven't been available new for years. Used sets come up from time to time. Closest to the RE's would be the Fizzle followed by the Riva Pro's

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    you could buy them new in germany from RE engineering but they are around $380 without shipping, so thats on the high price for you guys in the USA.

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    Spoke to Race Engineering yesterday, he said that since the new hulls came out, Jerry's sales of his product slowed down and so He stopped making them. He may make them again, but only when he has an order for 10 or so. I did find out from another member on here that he has given the plans for his to Fizzle, so I spoke with Fizzle... That have improved the design and its in prototype testing. He thinks maybe if all goes well then two months away for release. I am sure as soon as they are ready he will post on here to keep us all updated.

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    okay thanks a lot ill keep a look out

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