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    What Jetski should I get?

    These two are about the same price, but I don't know which one I should buy.

    A 2000 GP1200R,
    or a
    2001 Seadoo GTX DI.

    If you didn't tell I am new to the whole Jetski scene and I need a CHEAP one. I would want the better one, but not sure which one is better. They are both in good condition, just not sure which one to get. Please help, THANKS!

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    I definetly recommed the GP. Really easy to work on no manty special tools required either. Seadoo i wouldn't mess with. That might be because I got used to the Yamaha.

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    The gpr is a great ski but depends a lot on condition of 2 skis which is better buy. Do a compression check on the gp1200r and take for a spin. If its sound, that would be a fun ride. If its a cylinder is much lower than the others on compression or it doesnt run right unless he is giving you a GREAT deal , look at the gtx or another ski.

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    The GPR would be a faster and more fun ski.

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    +1 on the compression checks. I would perform it on both skis and test ride.

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    Thanks, I will do the compression test, and I will go with the gp. Thank you guys so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dshann View Post
    Thanks, I will do the compression test, and I will go with the gp. Thank you guys so much.
    good call. i hate Seadoo.

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    Wait your not considering a kawi!
    JK man, i would go for the GP though, seadoo are very fragile, especially electronics and engine wise...

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    plus probably more performance for.the gpr vs seamendoo

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    I mean, you posted that in the Yamaha section. What answer did you think you would get?

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