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    Trouble with over revving tuned ski when jumping waves and so on?

    Hello All.
    We are now working on better rpm control on the Bosch based skis.

    We have seen that some skis will rev quite high when doing hole shot and jumping waves.

    On our demo skis we have now made some basic settings for this so it wont over rev.

    But this is something that is depending on intake grate, Impeller and pitch.
    So if you have a tune from us and feel that you want to try out a "tighter" rpms controll let me know!
    mail you name and vin to

    You need to have the Maptuner + a tune from us to test out this.

    Goal is:
    Tight RPM control
    No over revs when jumping waves
    (there will be over revs but not as much as before)

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    control is a good thing! what about the same for siemens ecus? and hows the new datalog system coming along?

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    I'm in....sending it now!!!

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    Yeah any info on the datalog?

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