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    Question about mixing oils

    Hello Everybody

    So i just took my first steps into jet ski ownership. I bought a 2 used kawasaki's. The first is a 2001 Ultra 150 and the Second is a 2000 1100 STX DI.

    I ran into a small problem though that i didn't think of, in terms of replicating the same oil that the previous owner used. I found out that he was using valvoline 2 cycle tcw3 oil for both Skis. I am heading to the lake tomorrow, and if i am unable to find this exact kind is there a certain kind that i could mix into the tank without harming my skis?

    Thank you very much for your time!

    - Wind

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    It won't hurt to mix them. I don't know if the Valvoline is a synthetic or not, but if you switch from petroleum base to synthetic oil, you might run the tank low before switching because it will make you feel better.

    Since the oils do not recirculate as they do in a 4-stroke, long term compatibility doesn't enter into it (unless you mix them and store it for a year or two).

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