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    Replacing Battery in 2000 Kawasaki 1100 STX DI

    Hello Everybody,

    I apologize for having to post here again. I replaced the battery in my ultra 150 which was relatively easy. However i opened up the STX DI and there is a crap ton of wiring around the batter and connected to it (yes i know its the EFI)

    My question is, where do i begin to disassemble it, in what order, and in such a way that i don't damage it or the software so that i can replace the battery and keep the EFI running as well as it did before?

    Thank you again for your time!

    - wind

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    Number one rule...always disconnect the ground first. That way there is no sparks, shorts, etc. going on. Do what ya have to do after that and when it is all finished, then connect the ground again.

    The ground is always the first to come off and the last to be re-connected.

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    Its actually alot easier than you think. The wiring is all attached to the plastic battery cover, so all you need to do is release the bungee cords holding the battery cover on, than the cover comes off (assuming you've taken the pos/neg cables off too)

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    The DI ski doesn't have a crap tons of wirings connected to the battery terminals.
    It has only one more extra wire to the (-) batt terminal than the Ultra 150.

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    Sweet thank you guys! I got it working and its running like a charm now! THough the ultra 150 is still giving me trouble lol

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