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    Can you get crank bearings pin holes from top name source / or have to use WSM

    Can I get crank bearings with pin hole from FAG , SKF ect. Or would I have to get from WSM . The ski I bought cheap must of had i tiny amount of water got 3 mains just a little pto side. everything else is perfect." if it didn't have a short I might of been able to start it and prevent it" Machine shop has 2 951 jug sets of mine the say they do cranks but not usally cost effective for a complete over haul. If i get a complete gasket set and 3 bearings might be a good deal if they don't have to split it so much.

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    Skf makes them. Hot Rods uses them on their cranks.

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    Its not who makes them its who carries them. Your industrial supply houses have no clue about the suffixes that pertain to the retaining pin. LA Sleeve carries NTN and are good.

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