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Thread: turbo 5830

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    turbo 5830

    People who work with this turbo?
    before you run the oil feed was filled!
    after the first run there were radial and axial play! what tolerances?
    and whether the general will play?


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    impeller rotating in, no noise, only the rustling of the bearings.
    He took the probe measured the gap between the impeller and the volute on the cold side, 0.4 mm by pressing with your fingers on the impeller clearance was reduced to 0.25-0.20
    removed from the hot turbine is approximately the same gap

    should it be?

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    that doesnt look right......what boost numbers were you seeing?

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    not how much, I do not have time to see the turbo worked 10 minutes at idle


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    The turbine will be spinning around 50,000rpm, so a shaft movement of 0.4mm is beyond unacceptable.
    Take it apart. Hopefully it can be rebuilt.
    Sorry to see that happen to your build egor.

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    You definitely need to prime the system with oil before shouldnt have very much shaft play at all

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