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    89 kawasaki js 550 impeller question

    i have a 89 js440 that i converted to a 550 and put a mariner exhust, tdr water box, and soon to be a 44 carb and racing inatake the motor is bored .50 over! and rite now im running the stock 440 pump, now my question is i have a 550 pump with a solas 16 impeller do i need to get the 550 driveshaft or will the 440 shaft work??

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    will have to change drive system and 550 should use 15-15.5 prop

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    ya thats what i thought thank you ya i got the impeller and pump for cheap so i cant complain. i know it will make me lose some low end and gain so top speed but that doesnt bug me for now until i can get a solas 15-15.5 pitch! another question i have is ive read that the 440 pump will rip the throught hll bearing out of the fiberglass, how quick will that happen can i run the stock 440 pump for a little bit??

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    What do you think your top speed will be on your modded 440?
    I will be picking up a 92 550 soon as well.

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    Looking for an 89 440 drive shaft any one have a source?


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