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    Loss of power and top end.

    My son and I have been reading this forum for the past year and learned a lot from the postings. About 3 weeks ago, our 2003 GP1300R started cavitating badly as soon as you gave it a little throttle. The ski has less than 80 hours on it. We brought it to the dealer and he said the motor mounts were broken and the impeller had rock damage. The ski did 72 MPH (by the instrument cluster) before it went in and now it only goes about 62 MPH after the repairs. It also has less pick-up. I have all the old parts. The motor mounts were definitely broken but the impeller only had a few minor nicks.

    I have the box the new impeller came in. They installed a Solas YG-DF-14/20. I checked on the Solas web site and the replacement for a stock 2003 should have been a CD-13/19. My question is whether the minor difference in pitch and model (Dynafly) would cause the loss in both power and top end.

    Also........the shop said the throttle cable broke while they were testing it and that was replaced also. I originally thought it might have just been an adjustment on the cable but it looks like the cable is pulling the actuator to the stop. There is no slack in the cable. After reading some other threads, it looks like this is a second issue I need to address but I want to tackle one at a time.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If your ski is stock a 13/19 would be a better prop. Your losing speed due to a stock motor trying to spin a bigger prop. Look at the service manual it will clearly show you how to adjust cable. You may be losing compression, pvs not working properly, and a out of tolerance wear ring could also be a factor.your getting up their in hours so I would check wear ring clearance, adjust all cables, and do a compression test.

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    Thanks for the quick response. These are all good points. I am just having a difficult time believing that multiple things could be happening all at the same time. The ski did 72MPH up until the day it started cavitating. The dealer is claiming the reduced speed and power have nothing to do with the repairs they made and wants to start running up the repair bill again. They claim the minor difference in impeller pitch would have almost no effect on the speed and power.

    Being an authorized Yamaha dealer, they should have realized that this ski does more than 60MPH when they tested it. I also found out that there is a recall on the throttle cable and it should have been replaced for free. I think we are just falling victim to an unrepeatable dealer.

    Thanks for your input.

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    the impeller makes a huge difference. period. to help with catavation buy yourself a pump plug kit(or make your own) and a 1200 double bar grate. also look at the how to section on how to seal shoe. those three things will make a big difference.

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    I don't think it is the hours. My ski ran as fast at 107 hrs as it did at 30 hrs (+- 1 mph or so). If it dropped 10 mph (or 6 mph) after the dealer than either the prop did it, throttle adjustment isn't right, or clearance between prop and wear ring is wrong. You should not lose that type of speed. It would be better to compare GPS speeds as you may be riding slightly different angle (idk) and dreamometer is off.

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