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    Jp1300r rpm question

    In good weather I can hit my rev limiter. It was mentioned that I should not do that. Why? Does the engine get to worked at those rpm's? Am ready for a Solas?

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    Running on the Rev limiter is bad because on modified setups they can cause the head gasket to blow. You should add pitch, or nozzle down to keep 50-100 rpms off the limiter, wich will in turn give u more speed.

    I'm sure he'll chime in when he sees this.

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    There is a soft limiter and a hard limiter as far as I know on the RXPX ecu. It starts pulling timing at 8000 and hard limiter is at 8200 start dropping cylinders. Your cylinder pressures and egt's go very high and lift your cylinder head slightly and than blow your headgasket. I think about the quickest way to blow a headgasket is running a high boost SCer and banging the rev limiter hard for a few seconds. The other is detonation.

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