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    SBT strikes again / two missing thrust washers

    Bought a zxi1100 with new SBT but out of warranty motor have receipt. Lost piston not thier fault was clearly lean "bad pump fuel gasket. Then I see a thrust washer on two rods and the wearing up the sides of rods. WTF

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    Complain to them and ask for a new motor.
    Sometimes they will send you a new replacement, but you still have to pay for shipping the defective motor back to them.
    Too many nightmare stories about SBT.

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    I did email them , i'll be happy with a crank

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    Is the crankcase OK?
    I would think softer aluminum case get damaged/shaved more than the steel crank...

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    The rods rubbed counterweights. Rings probably broke in great with the iron lapping compound.

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