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Thread: Is this Right?

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    Is this Right?

    I have learned a lot from this forum and greatly appreciate that..and am in the process of replacing the rear cylinder because of an oil line pop off on my 2002 XLT 1200. I went to the dealership and they ordered me a piston/cylinder kit. He assured me it would be right however I know that in reading this forum there are like 4 different sizes of pistons. Well I wanna know if I have the right piston/cylinder. The Numbers do not match up and IMO I think they should....that is unless the parts have been updated or something since 2002. Anyhow here are the pictures of what I am talking about.

    This picture is off of the two cylinders that are #1 &#2 that are still in the ski. Notice the numbers on the lower right just above the powervalves. They say 12.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CylindersINJetSki.jpg 
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    Ok this is the New cylinder on the left that says #18 and the old on the right that says #12.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Newcylinder18-Oldcylinder12.jpg 
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    This is the same New and Old cylinder but only from the side with the stampings on the side. The new one says Y-4 and the Old says Y-3.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Newcylindery-4OldCylindery-3.jpg 
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    I assume that the new one is NOT correct, but still would like to hear it from more gurus on here with knowledge. I am SOOO pissed at my dealer because i was wanting to get it up and running and riding it today and now I have to wait another frikn week and half. Let me know what you all think. TIA.

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    it does not matter what number is on the old cylinder compare to the new one, unless you are going to reused the will need to get a new piston matching the new cylinder number,that will solve your problem.
    so the key is to get a matching piston for the new cylinder.base on the number stamped (18 )

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    They(Piston/Cylinder) came in a matching set together, both matching. So then it will work fine?

    I just wondered if all 3 cylinders have to be the same so that the crank is not pulling a "heavier" piston down on one end and then two lighter ones. I dont know if that matters or not. I mean its only a couple thousands difference but still, does it matter???.

    I want to get a matching cylinder/piston before i put it all together and run it if I needs to be matched.

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    you be fine. the number is just for the piston.. you don't need the same number on the cylinder .

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    perfect....thanks a it buttoned up here except for the last clamps and hoses on exhaust....will run it sometime this week i hope.

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