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    2002 Seadoo GTX DI no spark

    So I am getting no spark and everytime I hook up the battery the 7.5amp fuse keeps blowing. I think the battery is on its last legs(10years old) but would a bad battery be causing this issue? It still hold a charge and everything is fine when I put the key in, cranks over fine, just no spark. any adivse?????

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    Check your stator or the voltage regulator.

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    Bought a new battery, charged it and crank it over....nothing....left the charged battery in the ski all night tried today and it fired right up!! Wierd how it needed to sit overnight but Im not complaining.

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    The 7.5 amp fuse is for the VTS (if you have it) and accessories. It should not have anything to do with spark. I would pull all of your fuses and make sure that they are clean. Clean all grounds.

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