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    1994 SL 750 no spark

    Hey folks, first time owner of a PWC here, and looking for suggestions.

    I have a 94 SL 750 that sat for 2 years, picked it up for $200 as a project/toy. Previous owner reported a kill switch issue and didnt have time to work on fixing it, and I'm trying to sort out the jimmy rigging of wires they have done over the years.

    Engine turns over, but I have no spark. I have tested most everything except the stator and CDI, which from what I've read, the CDI cant really be tested. My question is, is it worth trying to figure this out, or just part it out? The engine reportedly ran just fine prior to going into storage, and appears to be clean on first appearance.

    I have minimal experience in PWC, let alone small engines. Is there anything I can do without having to blow another couple hundred on seeing if the CDI module is shot, or is this likely an issue spinning from the original kill switch grounding issue they reported prior to the sale?


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    Did you get the wiring back to factory configuration?

    Was there a problem with the actual lanyard switch or wiring?

    Ohm out the stator. Knowing the condition of what you have right now is a good starting point.

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    Stator testing:

    If you aren't sure if the ebox is wired correctly, go ahead and post a photo.....

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