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    2008 vx cruiser oil problem

    ok here goes. today i took my 1995 yamaha wave veture i got running today for the 1st time since i bought it . so i had my moms boyfriend come out with me with his 2008 vx cruiser.(mida it a big family trip). well we get in the water and drive them t where the fanily is set up on the beach . no problems with either skis. so everyone is taking turns on the skis ,were all having a blast ,when i noticed how much lower his ski sits in the water . so i ump on my 95 and take off ieth my little girl when i notice he is still on the beach with his .

    so i drive back over to where he is at and see that he was putting his drain plugs in (the old guy for got to check them) so everyone has been drive the 2008 arund half the day with the plugs hanging out . (good thing we were riding in groups). anyways i walk over and see whats up and his hull is half full of water and full of oil .
    when the girls came back they said that they were running kind of slow and that they had rode through an huge sea weed patch and they might be clogged (which they were very clogged . the 2008 was very clogged . so i'm thinking maybe the 2008 got a little to hot but no over heat alarms , only alarm that came on one of the girls said was the oil alarm and as soon as it came on she turned it off and set for a little bit before limping it back at idel speed just to be safe .
    we didn't try starting it again the rest of the day because we didn't wanna risk blowing the motor. when she brought it back it was running perfect except it being slow because of the sea weed plugging it up .
    the oil stick had no oil on it so no reading . i've look around on the forums and couldn't find anything like the problems that has happemed to others like this . all oil changes have been from the dealer as he has lung problems and has no wrenching skills whats so ever. but since i have no experience with the the newer 4 stroke engines and very little ski experience since i just got my 1st one running great . heck i don't even know where to find a manual for the 2008 vx cruiser . so i'm gonna be doing alot of guessing .
    so if anyone can maybe point me in the direction of an online manual ,or some places to start checking on his ski to look for where the oil came from i would really be apperciative . i looked over everything really well and i couldn't see where it could have come from (the engine looks brande new ). THANKS FOR READING THE WALL OF TEXT .

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    cleaned everything up looks brande new inside , engine is all clean. but still can't find any leaks or bad hoses . he's goona pickup some oil tomorow and ask the shop what they might think to check .

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    just in case anyone else ever has this problem it ended up being the oil filter.

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    Go here and down load service manual

    Scroll down to my post at bottom. Remember to check oil when engine is hot and should be half way between marks on dip stick.
    Best of luck

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